Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloween and Disneyland

Here's our late Halloween pictures. Lori's work has a huge Halloween trick or treat party. We've been going for about 3 years now. I love it because it's inside and they get tons of candy. Right after Halloween, we packed up and drove to Disneyland. We forgot our camera both days we went so Dan's brother took pic on his phone. We probably scared Sienna. The first rides we went on were Pirates and The Haunted mansion. Every ride that was dark and inside she would close her eyes and not look at anything, even Winnie the Pooh. Holly got sick on our first day and was throwing up, we were there for two hours. Good thing we didn't pay for her. Their favorite rides; tea cup, carousel, and Dumbo, basically anything that spins you in circles.

Sienna loved being a shark. She would sing the theme song from jaws.

Here are the girls dancing with the princesses. Holly loves Belle and was sooo happy that she came out. Sienna just went into her world and danced.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Too much to do..

This is our second year attempting to carve pumpkins with the kids. Last year we made Holly touch the "guts" and she started crying and wanted nothing to do with pumpkins. This year she was fine with it. All of our pumpkins are princesses and a castle, that what you get with a house full of girls.
My sister, Kara decided to drive down from Oregon with her two kids. So this past week we have been busy. We went to Cornbelly's corn maze at Thanksgiving point. Lori had work off so she came along. We love it when she comes along, she's the favorite aunt and they follow her every where. They got their face painted, rode the cow train, tried to go in the Haunted Creature, Holly only made it 3 feet then we had to turn around. Lori and my Mom took Brynn and Holly in the big corn maze, not really a fan of those so I'm glad I didn't have to take them.
Sienna and Jax having a great time at the cow train. I went on it with Sienna. I barely fit into it and it was so bumpy I almost peed my pants a couple of times. I love this picture, this is so Sienna.
Brynn, Sienna, Jax and Holly at Gardner Village to see the Witches. We're having Halloween and Thanksgiving today for Kara and the fam, they will be leaving Sunday. It was sure fun seeing them. I'll miss you guys.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Here comes baby girl #3!!

Today we had our ultrasound appointment and found out that we're having baby girl # 3! This is the profile shot. We were planning on keeping it a secret, but everyone said it wouldn't happen. They were right, I didn't even last a hour.

Every time we get into the car Holly wants to hear the Umbrella song. After she's done singing Sienna claps and says, Funny Holly. I love these girls!!

Friday, September 7, 2007


I had to take pictures of Holly's first day of preschool. I was so nervous. I can only imagine how Kindergarten will be. She loved it, didn't care that I wasn't going to be there. Which is great! I asked her what she learned, "Nothing important." Ok then, I'm glad my money is getting good use.

I hate to say this but I love those two hours when Holly is in preschool. It is so much easier going grocery shopping with one kid.

This picture is horrible, it was so windy. But our huge Willow tree fell down during that storm. Which I love because I hated that tree. It's fall all year round here, the leaves and branches never stop. But it will cost us close to 1200 to clean it up and tear the rest of it down. So we might be keeping it this way for awhile.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wheeler farm

Yesterday the weather was like 90. So I figured I better take the girls out before it hit 100 again. We have been hermits staying in the house most of the summer, mostly because I can't stand it. We went to Wheeler farm to feed the ducks and walk around to farm, love it because it's FREE. Sienna didn't really grab the concept of breaking off pieces. She would throw in the whole piece of bread. The ducks started fighting over the one piece and they thought it was hilarious, so they both started throwing the whole pieces. So, feeding the ducks didn't last as long as I thought it would. Holly couldn't stand the smell, but she still wanted her picture taken.

You can't tell by the picture but Sienna really loves animals. She was laughing and screaming so loud and once I take out my camera. Well , you can see the picture.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trying this blog thing out

Thanks to Ashley, I now have a blog. We'll see how this goes. So far it's not too hard. We just got back from California. Dan's family goes camping every year in Sequoia. It was also our niece's baby blessing in L.A. While we were there we went to Goofy's Kitchen, it where Disney characters come by your table while you eat your 35 dollars a plate that tastes like it came from Hometown Buffet. But I was worth it seeing Holly's face as she saw Minnie mouse. After L.A we took a quick trip up to Brentwood to pick up Ben to go camping. We ended up being there all of Wednesday so we went to the San Francisco zoo with Brooke, Chris and Halley. Holly said her favorite was the rhino because all she got to see was the butt. It's kinda scary how obsessed she is with butts and poo, (she must be related to your family Ashley.) These are the girls at Hume Lake in the Kings National forest. With two nights of freezing and no sleep ( hearing the bears scratch on the bear box left me awake) , I was ready to go home but it was fun to see family and friends.